About Gram-Haat®

"I would say that if the village perishes, India will perish too. India will no longer remain India. Its own mission in the world will get misplaced. The revival of the villages in the country is only possible, when it is no longer exploited.”Mahatma Gandhi (Harijan, 29.08.1936)


In this day and age (21st Century), the words of Gandhiji still hold a surreal amount of significance. In this rapidly changing world fueled by globalization and digital transformation taking place in the life of every citizen in India, what matters the most is the facilitation of services with ease of availability. Real India resides in Tire-II and beyond where particular products or services are not procured on time. Sometimes, it never reaches the desired destination. This particularly is a problem known as disconnect between urban brands & rural market. Though, there has been a subtle growth in the infrastructural amenities of rural India, it still hasn’t proved to be a proper solution for the lack of facilitation of qualitative goods and services. There is a requirement for an efficient catalyst for inclusive growth to bridge the existing urban-rural divide with a commercially viable solution. That’s where Gram-Haat® comes into the picture.

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